World English Sporting Championship 2022

by Pete Millan Being selected to represent their country must be the pinnacle of achievement for any sportsman. It was with great pride I received my invitation to participate in the forthcoming World English Sporting Championship in the USA. Both Doug Vining and I qualified as Super Veterans behind Wesley Bolleurs and Etienne Cilliers. In […]

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#SafeCitizen : Murder and violence in South Africa will not be solved by disarming law abiding private citizens

South Africa hails from and exists in a continuum of political extremes. When governments hold extreme views and exercise extreme measures the losers are the citizens who elected them and there is no room in South Africa for additional extremes. Gun Free South Africa and its newest champion, Jeremy Vearey, hold an extreme position. In […]

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Visa Applications

The South African Department of Sport, Art and Culture issued a statement on 4th May 2022 explaining the difficulties in assisting with Visa applications for sports people.  In essence, the Department cannot apply for a Visa on behalf of anyone else.  Please read the full statement HERE which explains the situation and which gives sound […]

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