Paratrap Athletes : National Protea Trial Opportunity

Olympic Trap for Athletes

with Physical Impairments

New CTSASA National Protea Trial

21st October 2022

The sport of Clay Target Shooting is attractive to a variety of people, including those with physical impairments.  The discipline of Olympic Trap is one such discipline that provides an opportunity for Para athletes to participate internationally!

Although at the moment Olympic Trap (known as Paratrap) is not shot in the Paralympics, the goal is to increase the number of participating countries so that it will be in the future.  In the meantime, there are many international championships, including a World Championship where Paratrap athletes may participate.

The CTSASA Executive Committee has been investigating the opportunities for physically impaired athletes and have now approved a new National Protea Trial system for Paratrap.

Paratrap athletes fall into three different categories of physical impairment (see point 2 below).  In order to be accepted as a bona fide Paratrap athlete, there are a few basic requirements.

If you wish to be considered as a Paratrap Athlete, please read the information below and note the invitation deadline of 30th November 2022.

  1. All potential Paratrap athletes are required to submit a medical report that confirms their medical condition.
  1. The medical report will be forwarded to the relevant Paralympic assessor who will be requested to assess if the specific medical condition is suitable to be categorised into one of the following categories:

Event PT1, Class SG-S:  World Record 113 ex 125 : Athletes with poor balance and/or trunk stability, competing from a wheelchair in a standard seated position. Athletes have an impairment in the lower limb(s), but no functional limitation in the upper limbs.

Event PT2, Class SG-L: World Record 114 ex 125 : Athletes with good balance and trunk function, competing from a standing position. Athletes have an impairment in the lower limb(s), but no functional limitation in the upper limbs.

Event PT3, Class SG-U: World Record 118 ex 125 : Athletes with good balance and trunk function, competing from a standing position. Athletes have an impairment in the non-shooting arm.

  1. The designated event for 2023 for qualified Paratrap athletes will be decided upon once we have a positive response from potential Paratrap athletes. Below is a link to the list of potential championships.

  1. Paralympics : At the present time, there are no Shotgun events in the Paralympics – there are only rifle and pistol
  1. The normal procedure for an athlete to be assessed is for the athlete to go to an international event where a classification procedure is available. However, we have requested that the submission of a written medical report to the Paralympic organisation be assessed prior to participation.
  1. The agreed local Minimum Qualifying Scores for National Protea Colours are:

Event PT1, Class SG-S:  80% / 100 ex 125 – average

Event PT2, Class SG-L:  80% / 100 ex 125 – average

Event PT3, Class SG-U: 80% / 100 ex 125 – average

  1. We will be using the existing Olympic Trap trials at CTSASA provincial and national championships, plus additional trials, for the selection procedure. However, the number of scores available and scores to count will depend on which international event is chosen as the designated event.  The commencement of the National Protea Trial for Paratrap athletes will be at the CTSASA Central Gauteng Standard Championships on 3rd/4th March 2023.  The cut-off point for selection will be determined by the date of the international championship chosen as the designated event for participation.
  1. What you need to do now:
    1. Read through all the information in this letter and send your questions to Sarah Kalell, Executive Officer at the CTSASA –
    2. If you wish to pursue this opportunity, you will need to obtain a medical report from a registered medical practitioner which details the precise nature of your disability.
    3. Send the medical report to the CTSASA office at by 30th November 2022.
    4. Please also indicate which events you would be interested in attending – please give your first three choices.

After we have received your report, we will submit to the Paralympic organisation for a preliminary assessment to confirm if your medical condition complies with the Paralympic requirements.

  1. Once we have received approved medical assessments, then we will finalise the designated event for participation plus the applicable trial events and scores to count.