National Trials 2023 : Reduction in Scores to Count

Effective date of rule change : 4th October 2022

Financial assistance : National Trialists

The CTSASA is pleased to announce that despite the increase in trial scores available for the qualification year of 2023, trialists will not be required to shoot more trial scores.  Instead, the CTSASA Executive Committee has approved a reduction in scores required with immediate effect!  This is in recognition of increasing costs and the financial investment required to complete a National Trial.

The CTSASA Executive Committee is fully appreciative that costs are increasing in many areas, and has therefore reviewed the current national trial system with the goal of reducing the financial costs for National Trialists.

As you will be aware, the current system requires a minimum of 50% of targets available to count, e.g. if there are 19 scores available, then 10 must be shot in order to be considered eligible for National Protea Team selection.

We have warmly welcomed our new province, Mpumalanga, and have allocated their CTSASA provincial Standard championships for both 2022 and 2023.  This has created more choice for our National Trialists in where they accumulate their trial targets.  However, it has also added 2 more scores available for most of the Standard disciplines and, in doing so, has added more ‘scores to count’.  For example, in ATA Trap, this would have made 21 scores available, requiring 11 scores to count – one more score than for 2022.

In order to maintain all standard provincial championships as national trials and to provide National Trialists with both choice and financial relief, the CTSASA Executive Committee has approved a reduction of ‘scores to count’ for all Standard disciplines.

In summary:

1.  STANDARD TRIALS FOR 2023 – REDUCTION IN TRIAL SCORES TO COUNT : Reduction in scores to count for Standard disciplines for 2023 teams – ATA Trap, ATA Trap Doubles, NSSA Skeet, NSSA Skeet Doubles, Universal Trench, Olympic Trap, Olympic Double-Trap, Olympic Skeet. Changes to take immediate effect.  There are no changes to the current English Sporting and FITASC Sporting national trials.

Please see the documents under section A below for the full details of each discipline and the reduced scores to count.

2.  DTL TRAP TRIAL FOR 2023 : The National Trial for DTL Trap for 2023 is nearing completion (January 2023) – there are no changes to this current trial. The reduction in trial scores to count for DTL Trap will be effective for the National Trial for team selection in 2024 and will be published in 2023 once the calendar for 2024 is finalised.

3.  DTL TRAP EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 : We are currently awaiting confirmation of a DTL Trap European Championship in 2023 and will advise accordingly regarding the national trial opportunity once this confirmation is received.

4.  ALL CTSASA STANDARD CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE NATIONAL TRIALS : All CTSASA Provincial and National Championships are National Trials for ATA Trap, ATA Trap Doubles, DTL Trap, NSSA Skeet, NSSA Skeet Doubles, Universal Trench, Olympic Trap, Olympic Double-Trap*, Olympic Skeet*

*Please check for availability of ODT and OS as not all championships are hosting these disciplines.  We have included additional trials for all Olympic disciplines to provide more choice for Olympic competitors and trialists.

Updated documents and reports

A:   National Trial Position reports on the CTSASA web site : each discipline has a separate report on our web site showing you all the information on the current National Trials including the trial start date, end date, current scores, scores to count and the position of each trialist in the trial.  Use these reports to see your current position in the National Trials.

B:   National Trial Schedules for 2023 : these are Excel spreadsheets which put the current trial information in an easily readable, tabular format for all the disciplines.  Download these spreadsheets to see all the vital information at a glance (targets in the trial, trial events, final date to register, designated event venue and date and more):

  1. CTSASA Standard National Trials 2023
  2. CTSASA Olympic National Trials 2023
  3. CTSASA Sporting National Trial Dates for 2023

C:  National Trial Regulations – Schedule A (Excel spreadsheet) : updated to reflect the change in rules for the reduction in ‘scores to count’.  This document contains the generic regulations governing CTSASA National Protea Trials, team invitation procedure, resolving trial ties, which events are used for National Protea Colours and much more.

If you have any queries, please email Sarah Kalell, CTSASA Executive Officer –