FITASC Sporting and English Sporting : National Trial Changes for 2022 and 2023


Rules and Regulations Update – download the PDF version HERE

Changes to the National Trial systems

  • Effective for Team Selection for 2022 for FITASC Sporting and
  • Effective for Team Selection for 2023 for English Sporting

 Approved 31st May 2021

 Full list of agreed changes/updates 

  1. Agreed : no additional targets to be staged at either FITASC Sporting or English Sporting championships.
  2. Accepted : the Super-Time system is unanimously accepted.
  3. Accepted : events to be rotated around the provinces on a fair and equitable basis.
  4. Agreed : all national trials to use only automatic traps.
  5. Agreed : ranges NOT to be set for just the top shooters. Ranges must be set to also cater for B and C class shooters.
  6. Agreed : the FITASC rulebook and target presentations to be used for all provincial and national FITASC Sporting championships.
  7. Agreed : All CTSASA clubs will be assessed for suitability to stage National Protea Trials in accordance with the requirements as agreed.
  8. Agreed : All clubs which do not as yet comply with the requirements will be offered the opportunity to comply in order to be added to the National Trial roster.
  9. Agreed : All National Protea Trials to be of a high technical standard and a higher standard than the remaining provincial championships.
  1. FITASC Sporting National Protea Trial agreed amendments:
  1. Three scores to count out of five available. One of the scores available will be the SA Championships.
  2. The FITASC African Sporting Championship will be included as a trial if it is held in South Africa, using the top South African score as the 100% score
  3. When a club states it has the required number of automatic traps available and sufficient space to run a National Trial they will be required to first run a CTSASA provincial championship on the Super-Time system before being accepted as a National Trial venue.
  4. All clubs are welcome to apply to host National Trials.
  5. When more clubs are added in to the National Trial system we will rotate the trials each year and retain the 3 ex 5 number of trials to count/trials available.











The following FITASC Sporting trials have been allocated :

  1. Western Cape FITASC Sporting Championship 2021 : 25th/26th September (Valley Clay Target Club)
  2. Free State FITASC Sporting Championship 2021 : 16th/17th October (Maccauw Clay Target Club)
  3. Limpopo FITASC Sporting Championship 2022 : 15th/16th January (Shooters Gun Club)*
  4. South African National FITASC Sporting Championship 2022 : 2nd/3rd April (Centurion Gun Club/Gauteng North)*
  5. Central Gauteng FITASC Sporting Championship 2022 : 23rd/24th April (either Sterkfontein Shooting Academy or Wattlespring Sport Shooting Club)*

*Subject to final approval in the 2022 calendar 

11. The English Sporting Discipline : Agreed Updates

  1. Five CTSASA Championships to be nominated as National Trials, including the SA Championships, scores to be out of the full 200 targets. Three scores to count.
  2. Targets at National Trials to be of a higher technical standard than the remaining provincial championships
  3. National Trials to rotate each year, i.e. the events which were National Trials for selection of teams in 2022 will not be National Trials for selection of teams in 2023 and vice versa.  [This agreed regulation will be relevant instead for 2023 and 2024 because the existing trial system in 2021 will remain for 2022].  The new trial system for English Sporting will only change for team selection in 2023.