Temporary Membership Registration


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Rules for Temporary Members

Registration of Competition Entries

As at 2nd August 2021 all CTSASA Temporary Members must register by completing the Temporary Member Registration form (see above links) and submitting their entry via email to the relevant Organising Committee of the CTSASA Championship in which they wish to participate.  When the CTSASA web site is upgraded (expected late 2021) Temporary Members will be required to register and pay online.

  • Anyone who has previously been a member of the CTSASA may NOT become a Temporary Member
  • Maximum of two events may be shot by a Temporary Member.  After two events have been shot, the Temporary Member would then be required to join the CTSASA as a full member in order to participate in further events.
  • All Temporary Members will not be members of SASSCo.
  • Competition entry fees and capitation levies to remain the same as per Ordinary Members.
  • Temporary members may not receive any form of membership certification.
  • Temporary Members will receive the CTSASA Newsletter

Club Administration Procedure for Temporary Members

  1. All completed Temporary Membership Registration forms (see links at top of page) must be sent to the CTSASA Administration office – info@ctsasa.co.za – PRIOR TO the event.
  2. The CTSASA Administration office will allocate a new CTSASA number for the Temporary Member.
  3. The CTSASA will invoice the hosting club for the Temporary Membership fees after the championship results have been received and processed.
  4. If a hosting club allows a person to shoot a CTSASA Championship without first registering as a Temporary member (or full member) the hosting club becomes liable for the prevailing FULL membership fee.