Membership Incentive Scheme




To download these Terms and Conditions, please click HERE


  1. Existing members – up to 50% off your membership fee for 2024
  2. Existing clubs – free membership for every 5th new member enrolled
  3. Club Incentive Award for 2024 – based upon the number of new members enrolled


Existing CTSASA members : Up to 50% refund off your membership fee for 2024

When an existing member (which means the existing member was paid up in 2023) introduces a new member to the CTSASA before the 30th June 2024, the existing member will receive up to 50% off their CTSASA membership fee for 2024. The new member pays the full CTSASA fee.

PLEASE NOTE!  All refunds will be made AFTER the existing member has paid their current year’s CTSASA subscription to the CTSASA.  Please login to your profile, pay your subscription by clicking on your name at the top of the screen and selecting PAY MY FEES on the menu.

The applicable refunds for the introduction of one new member introduced are as follows:

To claim the individual member discount, the enrolling club must send written confirmation to the CTSASA at that the new member has been introduced by the existing member claiming the discount. Without this confirmation no refund or discount will be given.  Please speak to your Club Treasurer about obtaining this confirmation.

The offer of up to 50% off your membership fee for 2024 is a yearly offer and does not apply to subsequent new member introductions in the same year.

Definition of new member : a person who has never been a member of the CTSASA at any time.

All new members MUST join the CTSASA online HERE.

Executive Committee Members, Club and Provincial committee members and club officials are excluded from this incentive.

Existing Clubs – free membership for every 5th new member enrolled

  1. The participating club must have been a registered CTSASA Club in 2023 in order to be eligible for this incentive.
  2. To qualify for the free membership the club must enrol five new members at the same time and the 5th new member with the lowest membership subscription fee is enrolled for free.
  3. All new members must be listed together on the same enrolment form and sent in on the same date with payment on the same date for all new members. There will be no exceptions to this requirementPlease do not ask for concessions or delayed/staggered enrolment dates.
  4. This incentive is designed to assist clubs with attracting new CTSASA members via open days and corporate events.