Membership Benefits




  1. INSURANCE: R10 million Third Party Public Liability Insurance
  2. WEB SITE : Highly functional and informative web site – on-line entry to all CTSASA provincial and national championships – full results – membership certificate – classifications – rules – legislation updates – calendar – links to other sites etc. All members have their own profiles which lists their details and classifications.
  3. DEDICATED MEMBERSHIP STATUS : The CTSASA is accredited as a Sports Shooting Association in terms of the Firearms Control Act 2000. All dedicated sportspeople, who are paid up dedicated members of the CTSASA, can obtain a letter of confirmation for their licence applications – click HERE to find out how to qualify.
  4. DEDICATED HUNTER STATUS : The CTSASA is a member of CHASA and as such we can endorse rifles as well as shotguns.  We also offer Dedicated Hunter status via CHASA.  Please click HERE to find out more.
  5. FACEBOOK PAGE : regular posting of news, results, photographs, interesting articles, legislation updates and more.  Our Facebook page is HERE.
  6. YEAR PLANNER ARTWORK : Free Year Planner with all competitions listed – available on the Calendar page HERE
  7. CTSASA MEMBERSHIP SUPPORTS YOUR CLUB : Your CTSASA membership allows the CTSASA to support your club with event allocation, financial loans for club improvements and applications for funding.
  8. NATIONAL COACHES : qualified coaches in most provinces – click HERE for more information.
  9. PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATION OFFICE : full-time Executive Officer – meet Sarah Kalell HERE
  10. MARKSMANSHIP BADGES : Marksmanship badges – 25, 50, 75 and 100 Straight for all disciplines – ORDER HERE
  11. AWARDS FOR ACHIEVEMENT : Association merit awards for achievement – Association Colours for both juniors and seniors; Shooter of the Year; Annual Gold Medal Awards.
  12. CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM : Accurate classification system tailored to meet the requirements of all shooters at all levels. Updated regularly after each event on our web site.  Click here to view the classification lists.
  13. PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS : Eligible to compete in all Provincial Championships
  14. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS : Eligible to compete in all National Championships
  15. INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS : Eligible to compete in World and Continental Championships (all except Olympic international events are open to paid up CTSASA members. Olympic events are selected teams only)
  16. NATIONAL PROTEA COLOURS : Shoot for South Africa! Join our National Team Trials
  17. INTERPROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIP : Yearly “Chairmans’ Cup” – an interprovincial championship – sponsored by the CTSASA – view the latest information HERE and an overview HERE.
  18. JUDGES/UMPIRES QUALIFICATION : Opportunities for qualified Judges/Umpires – click HERE for more information.
  19. SUPPORTING LICENCED FIREARM OWNERS : The CTSASA supports the rights of Clay Target Shooters, and all licenced firearms owners. The CTSASA closely monitors all legislative matters and keeps all members informed.
  20. FREE ADVERTISING FOR CTSASA CLUBS : Advertising for clubs in the newsletter and on Facebook – email
  21. REGULAR ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTERS : Twice-monthly email newsletters – free advertising for members for private sales – minimal costs for businesses. The newsletters can be viewed HERE:
  22. FREE PERSONAL ADVERTISING FOR MEMBERS : Facebook and Newsletters (business advertising available at excellent rates) – email
  23. SASSCO : The CTSASA is affiliated to the South African Shooting Sports Confederation (SASSCo), the co-ordinating body for all shooting sports in South Africa.
  24. GOVERNMENT APPROVED : The CTSASA is therefore government approved by way of its affiliation to SASSCo, to the Department of Sport and Recreation, South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).
  25. INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATIONS : The CTSASA is affiliated to the Fédération Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse (FITASC), the international governing body for FITASC Sporting, Universal Trench and Trap1. The CTSASA is also affiliated to the ICTSF (International Clay Target Shooting Federation) for the disciplines of English Sporting and DTL Trap.
  26. BELONG TO THE COMMUNITY : You will belong to the Clay Target Shooting community and be supporting the sport as a whole, helping to preserve it in the face of threats to firearms licencing for civilians.

Here is how you get started in becoming a member of the CTSASA : click HERE.