Logging in :

  1. At the top of the home page https://www.ctsasa.co.za/ is the black button LOGIN
  2. Click on LOGIN
  3. Your username is your email address
  4. Your password is one that has either been sent to you previously or you can request a new one by clicking on ‘lost password’ above.  This will only work if you know your correct username.
  5. Once you have logged in, your name will display on the black LOGIN button

Downloading certificates : Changing details : Entering competitions : changing your password

  1. Membership Card and Certificate : Click on your name on the black button and you will see a menu on the left hand side where you can download your membership certificate and membership card.
  2. Updating details : once logged in you can update your postal address and email address (which is your username).
  3. Changing your password : once logged in you can change your password.
  4. Entering Competitions : To enter competitions, click on NAVIGATE, then put your cursor over COMPETITIONS and then select VIEW AND ENTER UPCOMING EVENTS
  5. Entering Competitions with no email address : a member can still enter a competition using their profile but if there is no valid email address the member will not receive a competition entry confirmation.  In this case, the CTSASA will forward the entry confirmation to the partner/parent/family member of the member who does have a valid email address.
  6. Each member must have their own unique email address.  One email address cannot be used by more than one member.