Mpumalanga Province : Application

CTSASA NOTICE : Newsletter 25/2021, 23rd November 2021
For list of current transfer applicants (as at 26th January 2022), please see the end of this article


Dear CTSASA Members


The CTSASA has received a request for the approval of an additional CTSASA Permanent Member in terms of our constitution.

A Permanent Member is the constitutional term for a provincial CTSA.  We currently have eight provincial CTSAs :  Central Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng North, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Northern Cape, Western Cape.

The application for Mpumalanga Province has not yet been approved.

However, the procedure for the acceptance of Mpumalanga Province is in progress.  There are several criteria which need to be met and once these are met the approval will be given.  If the criteria are met on or before the 31st May 2022 then the approval will be effective from 1st June 2022.  If the deadline of 31st May 2022 is not met, then approval will only be granted for 2023 but again subject to the criteria being met.

What does the above mean in practice?

  1. The Mpumalanga Province is not yet an approved province of the CTSASA.
  2. Members who live in the Mpumalanga Province or who wish to transfer to the Mpumalanga Province must remain a member of the CTSASA via another province, e.g. Gauteng North, Central Gauteng, Limpopo etc.
  3. It will remain a requirement that the member must belong to a CTSASA registered club within their current province, i.e. the status quo remains with regard to membership of the CTSASA.
  4. No member may shoot under the province of Mpumalanga until the approval of the new province has been granted.

Transferring to the Mpumalanga Province

1.  All members who wish to transfer to the new Mpumalanga Province once the approval has been granted should submit their Transfer Application form to the CTSASA administration office no later than the 31st January 2022.This will ensure the following:
  • No transfer fee will be charged
  • Once the new province is approved, the transfer process will be immediate

2.   Any request to transfer AFTER the 31st January 2022 will attract a R2,000 transfer fee as per the current regulations.

3.  The Transfer Application form plus all the information on how to transfer are on this link :

Should you have any queries on the above, please contact the Executive Officer, Sarah Kalell : CTSASA looks forward to warmly welcoming the new Mpumalanga Province in the near future and to the further development of Clay Target Shooting within the new province.  As soon as the approval has been given we will make the appropriate announcement via our newsletter and other publication platforms.


As at 26th January 2022

Surname Name No.
BREYTENBACH Johannes 6084
DOLEZAL Lemmy 3694
DOLEZAL Madelein 6054
DU PLESSIS Theo 2983
FREESE Leana 6091
GREEFF Matt 3113
GREENWOOD Kevin 3169
GUTHRIE David 6291
HADJICOSTI Costakis 3918
JACKAMAN Wayne 3163
JACOBS Jannie 2677
KOTZE Du Toit 6289
KOTZE Riaan 5593
MARSHALL Darren 6109
MCFADYEN Craig 6245
PERDIKES Nico 3815
PRINSLOO Nico 5912
SNYMAN Hardus 5491
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