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12th June 2017


“Update on Expired Licences and the Firearm Amnesty

We wish to advise that one of our trustees, Mr Damian Enslin, attended a Western Cape Dealers Forum meeting on the afternoon of 7th June 2017, which meeting was attended by Major General Bothma, the Commanding Officer of FLASH, as well as by Col. Van Lill, the WC Provincial FLASH Commander.

Mr Enslin raised two issues at the meeting – the amnesty as well as the apparent ongoing  operations to seize firearms from those with expired firearm licences.”

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For immediate release – April 11 2017

Contact: Jonathan Deal 023-358-9903 | WhatsApp to 076-838-5150 | _


SAGA has been advised that SAPS in the Western Cape will be conducting an operation aimed at gunowners who have failed, for whatever reason, to timeously renew their licences in respect of specific guns. It appears that SAPS teams will be conducting ‘raids’ on targeted individuals mostly at their residences with a view to confiscating guns and ammunition. SAGA cannot at this stage speculate as to what SAPS intends to achieve by this action, nor what other steps may be taken by SAPS at the time of such visit.

In the interim all lawful gun owners are advised that:

  1. If you are in possession of the old green licence, that licence is still valid in terms of an Order of the High Court – a copy of this order is available from SAGA.
  1. If SAPS personnel or anyone under their command, after correctly identifying themselves, and providing some form of warrant or authorization insists on taking possession of your gun, you are advised to cooperate with them while pointing out that a green licence is valid at this date. Moreover, with respect to the validity of expired White Licences you may point out that within weeks of this date various high profile court actions are due to be heard. SAGA legal counsel believes the so-called raids and any confiscation of guns as a result thereof is possibly breaching the Firearms Control Act and other laws.
  1. SAGA is considering an urgent interdict to address this issue – It will, however not be helpful for a gun owner to refuse to cooperate with the police.
  1. Before Signing any document presented to you by the police in this context contact SAGA (Damian Enslin – cell number 082 652 2150 or Jonathan Deal 023 358 9903 or whatsap to 076 838 5150.) A document that can be applied in the case of handing over a gun to SAPS for safekeeping – not surrender – is available from SAGA, and can be downloaded from the SAGA’s website.
  1. This advice or assistance is offered to all gun owners who are free to contact SAGA.


Further information is available from or on 031-562-9951 If it is necessary to contact SAGA after hours in an urgent situation please contact our Media & Communications member on cell phone via WhatsApp to 076-838-5150 or or 023 358 9903

Issued: Tuesday 11 April 2017 at 17:30