Join a Club and the CTSASA

Becoming a Member of the CTSASA

  1. A person will visit a registered Clay Target Shooting club and discover the sport and what it entails.
  2. If interested, he/she is invited by the committee of that club to attend 3 or 4 practice sessions.  During this time, the committee will assess whether the person is a suitable and desirable member.
  3. The person is then invited to apply for membership.
  4. Very often a person wishes to become a member because they already have some type of shotgun which they would like to use.  The new shooter very quickly becomes aware that a specialized shotgun is required for the Clay Target discipline he/she has chosen to shoot.
  5. Each club will supervise a new member and provide expert coaching in both safety and shooting techniques.  Our clubs have numerous experienced members who can provide this service.
  6. Once a club member is accepted, his application is then referred to the National CTSASA via their provincial CTSA (known as a “permanent member” in the CTSASA constitution).
  7. All proposed members are submitted to the Executive Committee of the CTSASA and each name is considered prior to acceptance.

How to apply for membership with the CTSASA

  1. Choose a suitable CTSASA registered club.
  2. Apply for membership with the club and ensure that they include the CTSASA membership fees with their club fees.
  3. Complete and sign a CTSASA Membership Application Form and submit with your application for club membership.
  4. Pay the CTSASA club all the appropriate fees (do not send fees direct to the CTSASA).

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