Club Affiliation Application Procedure

Procedure to follow for applying for Club Affiliation with the CTSASA:

  1. Download the Club Affiliation Application Form here
  2. All CTSASA Clubs must register with their provincial CTSA as well as with the national CTSASA. The Club Affiliation Application Form will give you all of the contact details for the various provincial CTSAs.
  3. The Club Affiliation Application Form must be signed by the provincial CTSA Chairman or Secretary prior to submission to the CTSASA.
  4. Payment is due with application. The full yearly fee detailed on the form is payable upon application between 1st January until 30th June. From 1st July through to 31st December the half yearly fee is due (applicable to new clubs only).
  5. Please read the file “Definition and Regulation of Clubs” to ensure that you comply with our requirements.
  6. Submit your membership application form via fax 086 684 1973 or email and include a proof of payment (POP).
  7. Provided that your application is in order, you should receive confirmation of membership via e-mail within a few days of submission.
  8. NRCS Compulsory Shooting Range Specifications (it is a legal requirement for a shooting range to be registered with the NRCS) – click here for more information.

Registering with the CTSASA will give your Club the following advantages:-

  1. Your Club name will be listed in the CTSASA Registered Club list which is accessed by potential new members via advertising and promotion.
  2. Your Club is automatically given a page on the CTSASA web site here : where contact details, photographs and other information is listed to enable clubs to promote their activities.
  3. All CTSASA clubs are listed on the CTSASA web site where prospective new members may make contact with clubs via the contact facility.
  4. All clubs may make use of the CTSASA social media platforms – newsletter, Facebook and WhatsApp* for free promotion of your Club in terms of fixtures, results and Club News. Please do make use of these opportunities – it is for the benefit of Clay Shooting as a whole.   *restricted to adverts for events and approved articles.
  5. Members of your Club will automatically have the right to apply to join the CTSASA and therefore are entitled to participate in CTSASA registered competitions. They will also be eligible to be DEDICATED SPORTSPEOPLE as required by the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.
  6. All of your club members who join the CTSASA will be covered for R10,000,000 third party public liability insurance.
  7. Your Club can apply to the CTSASA to hold registered competitions, subject to basic facilities being available.
  8. The CTSASA is actively working on ALL Clay Shooters behalf on the development and promotion of our Sport. Whether you are a shooter who simply enjoys a few social rounds of clays, or whether you are a shooter who aspires to Provincial, National or even International level, the CTSASA is working for its Members and its Clubs.
  9. Your Club has access to information on rules, regulations, range specifications and International matters.
  10. The CTSASA is taking a very active role in the discussion with the Government on firearms legislation and this will benefit all clay shooters.
  11. Clubs are allowed, subject to certain criteria and security, to apply for loans from the CTSASA for the upgrading of equipment at beneficial interest rates.

A copy of the CTSASA Constitution can be downloaded here