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Europe : Lead and Steel Shot – how will European law affect South Africa?


FITASC and ESC (European Shooting Confederation) Opinion, dated 19th July 2023

ECHA restriction report – Lead Shot on Clay Target Shooting Ranges

The document dated 19th July 2023 gives a detailed summary of the current situation regarding the move to ban lead shot in Europe.  It gives details on the negative effects of steel shot on shotguns, humans and land.

Although this situation is not currently affecting South Africa, this report highlights the potential problems that we face.  Both FITASC and ESC give their recommendations at the end of the document regarding the use of lead shot, lead recovery and recycling of lead shot on outdoor shooting ranges.

To download the 4 page report, click HERE.

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The Real South African Competitive Spirit and International Friendships

The Real South African Competitive Spirit and International Friendships

“The joy of playing does not need to be sacrificed in the name of competition. On the contrary, the joy of playing includes winning and performing at your highest possible level. Sports ask for all of your mind, body, and spirit to win the game. It also demands that it be done with virtue. Accepting anything less transforms play into a selfish work.”
—Dr. Bill Thierfelder


The joy of competing against our international friends, and especially this week with our Commonwealth friends from Australia, New Zealand, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Botswana, plus our friends from Ireland, is a beautiful privilege for us all to experience and treasure.

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Dave Cohen :  FITASC Universal Trench Veteran World Silver Medallist 2022
193 ex 200 +22 (shoot-off)

Dave Cohen, Orazio Cremona, Freddy Springorum : FITASC Universal Trench
Veteran World Silver Team Medallists 2022

Luca Peacock : Junior 5th : FITASC Universal Trench World Championship

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Limpopo Ladies Day : Sponsored Half Carat Diamond Won!

Thank you to Shooters Gun Club and the Limpopo CTSA for a fantastic Ladies Open Day!

Thank you to Jenna Brown for organising this event and all our sponsors.

A special thank you to our mysteriously generous sponsor of our half carat diamond prize won by Cornel Willemse!

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World English Sporting Championship 2022

by Pete Millan

Being selected to represent their country must be the pinnacle of achievement for any sportsman.

It was with great pride I received my invitation to participate in the forthcoming World English Sporting Championship in the USA.

Both Doug Vining and I qualified as Super Veterans behind Wesley Bolleurs and Etienne Cilliers. In the end, sadly Wesley could not get a visa to follow through on his outstanding effort in the trials, and so could not join us.

The NSCA, in one shooting ground, probably had more traps than the whole of South Africa

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#SafeCitizen : Murder and violence in South Africa will not be solved by disarming law abiding private citizens

South Africa hails from and exists in a continuum of political extremes. When governments hold extreme views and exercise extreme measures the losers are the citizens who elected them and there is no room in South Africa for additional extremes.

Gun Free South Africa and its newest champion, Jeremy Vearey, hold an extreme position. In their view, South Africa should be completely gun free. As desirable as this may be to persons who daily lose family and friends to violence in South Africa, we can all agree that it is completely out of touch with reality in our community. Imagine if Safe Citizen propagated the extreme view that everyone should be armed?

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Visa Applications

The South African Department of Sport, Art and Culture issued a statement on 4th May 2022 explaining the difficulties in assisting with Visa applications for sports people.  In essence, the Department cannot apply for a Visa on behalf of anyone else.  Please read the full statement HERE which explains the situation and which gives sound advice on how to apply for your Visa.

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