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Pieter Greyling : Double World Junior NSSA Skeet Champion 2017

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Pieter Greyling wins not one, but TWO World Junior Championship titles!

  • NSSA Skeet Junior World Championship 2017 – Pieter shot 100 straight in the 12 gauge event
  • NSSA Skeet Doubles Junior World Championship 2017 – Pieter shot another 100 straight!

The CTSASA heartily congratulates Pieter Greyling on his magnificent achievements!  Fantastic shooting Pieter!  Pieter has earned both Junior and Senior Protea Colours previously and this year has earned Senior National Protea Colours again.  Pieter will also be participating in the NSSA Skeet World Championship in San Antonio, USA in September/October this year.  Pieter will be joined by his brother, Fanie, and his parents Faan and Amelda – all of whom have earned National Protea Colours this year for NSSA Skeet.  The CTSASA is super-proud of you all!

To view the full results of the NSSA Skeet Junior World Championship, please click HERE.

Ladies and Clay Target Shooting

An interview with Sarah Kalell on ladies in Clay Target Shooting – 8th March 2017 with OFM, Bloemfontein

Olympic Games Gender Equality

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Agenda 2020 called for 50% female participation by the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.  In November 2016 the ISSF published it’s ad-hoc committee’s recommendations which include:

  1. Each shooting category (Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol) currently has five events in the Olympic Games
  2. Each category to replace one event with a mixed gender event
  3. Olympic Double-Trap, due to it being the lowest participation Shotgun event, to be replaced with a Trap mixed team (1 female, 1 male)

The final decision and recommendations will be sent to the IOC by 28th February 2017, which is the deadline set by the IOC.  The IOC will then decide the 2020 Olympic shooting events program later this year.  The ISSF makes it very clear that the directive for these changes has been brought about by the IOC and not by the ISSF.

For further information, please download these documents which explain the background to the above decisions and recommendations:

20170220 ISSF Letter to all ISSF Member Federations – Olympic Agenda 202

20161124 ISSF Press Release 66-2016

You can also find out more here :


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