Sarah Kalell : Executive Officer






Introduced to Clay Pigeon Shooting in England in 1981, I began a journey of getting totally and completely hooked on this amazing sport!  My first disciplines were NSSA Skeet and English Skeet where I quickly found my competitive spirit.  In 1986 I won my first major championship, winning the Ladies English Open Skeet Championship on a 95 ex 100 in howling wind and rain.  Whilst shooting the domestic skeet disciplines I also started shooting English Sporting and absolutely loved it!  In 1988 I tried FITASC Sporting for the first time and I knew I had found my ultimate challenge.

The following is a list of my major achievements (Sarah Bayley):

skeventsThe one person who I can credit for giving me both the confidence and the skill to achieve these goals and major achievements is John Bidwell at High Lodge Shooting School in the UK.  In late 1989 I had a two hour lesson with John who gave me the foundation of his shooting method of Move, Mount, Shoot.  From that moment  I never looked back.

The shooting experience that I gained in the UK, and from participating in major championships all over the world (as an individual and as a member of a national team), has given me a solid foundation to understand the needs and aspirations of Clay Target Shooters.  Together with my secretarial, sales and self-employed computer training background, I am well-placed to provide a comprehensive and professional service to the CTSASA members.

Having also been a member of the winning Transvaal Chairman’s Cup team in 1995 and Central Gauteng in 2001 (English Skeet and NSSA Skeet respectively), I can also understand fully the amazing experience of shooting for one’s province and winning the Overall Trophy.  I have also earned my CTSASA Merit Colours for FITASC Sporting.

The role of the Executive Officer demands complete self-motivation, dedication and commitment to providing an efficient and professional service.  The demands of the job have changed considerably since I first joined in April 1993 when we had less than half the number of members that we have now.  We now have the internet, social media, email, web site, smart phones, more disciplines, more teams, more projects, complex firearm legislation issues, bigger championships and international championships.

I am very proud to say that I have constantly moved with the times and risen to the challenge of the increasing demands placed upon me.  I remain driven to always aspire to implement more efficiency and improved service.  My loyalty to both the CTSASA and our sport is unwavering.

My telephone and email are always open for you to contact me with any queries you may have.  I am here to help you and to do my utmost to make your experience of Clay Target Shooting as enjoyable as possible.

Sincerely yours,