Rob Henderson : Western Cape Provincial Delegate

Western Cape






I was introduced to Clay Target Shooting by Steve Emary who took me to Valley Gun Club one Saturday afternoon.  I arrived sheepishly and was warmly welcomed with some firm handshakes and strong “WELKOM ROB’s”.  The next thing I have a shotgun and a box of cartridges thrust at me and I’m squadded for the Trap 100 competition!  My first round was about a 15 and then I confidently moved onto round two – only to miss all five on the first pad!!  I made it through the 100 – not quite a podium finish, but straight into the club house where I met up with an old friend – none other than Peer Iuel.  Well, the rest is history – I joined that evening – bought a shotgun on the Monday morning – and never looked back.

I started with Trap and Skeet and was gently introduced to Trench – Sporting was not that big in my early days at Valley Gun Club but later shot that on a social level as well.  I would hate to say I favour any one discipline, but the World DTL events are a lot of fun and I have entered the World Championship in 2018, which is being held in Australia in March 2018.  The highlight of my shooting was representing South Africa at the World DTL Trap Championship alongside my son, Andrew, who earned his Junior Protea Colours aged 16.

I have served on the Valley Gun Club committee for 11 years, three of them as Chairman.  We were fortunate in my time to host numerous world events, earning Valley Gun Club a FITASC Gold medal for excellence and hosting a fantastic 2010 World DTL Trap Championship.  I have served as the Western Cape Chairman for the last 3 years.

My goals for the CTSASA are to be able to continue to develop the sport for juniors, arrange coaching and guidance for all shooters and prepare shooters so that they can attend these wonderful international events.  We need to be able to make it possible for all shooters to attend, not only those who can afford to shoot the circuit and pay their own way. Sponsorship is definitely needed. This will enable us all to benefit from the experiences of shooting alongside the top world shooters.

Rob Henderson