Provincial Transfer Rules

[extract from CTSASA Competition Regulations]

Provincial teams – eligibility and transfer rules

  • All members must be registered with the CTSASA according to their residential address and will be registered in the CTSASA database as such.
  • All members must be registered (and pay any appropriate affiliation fee) with the province for which they shoot.
  • Persons who are full-time students in a province different from their domicile province may represent the province in which they are studying provided that they do not represent any other province during the same calendar year.


  • A new member may be registered in a province different from his/her residential province under the following circumstances:-
    • The member has not previously been a member of the CTSASA at any time
    • The member is notified of these regulations by the EO at the time of acceptance of membership and, by implication, is fully aware of the terms of these regulations.
    • No application to the CTSASA Exco is necessary.


  • A lapsed member may rejoin the CTSASA in the year (or subsequent years) following the lapse of the membership and register with a different province without application to the CTSASA.  No transfer fee is required.


  • An existing member, whether or not he/she moves residence may transfer province on the following conditions:
    • An application from him/her must be submitted to the EO on the appropriate form (obtainable from the EO or from the CTSASA web site).
    • January transfers : all transfer applications during the month of January do not require approval from the existing province.  All transfer applications during the month of January are not subject to the transfer fee of R2000.
    • February to December transfers :   The member must be in good standing with his /her current province and the CTSASA before the application can be processed.  “Good standing” means that the member has paid all required membership fees and outstanding monies; that the member is not under any disciplinary action and that the member is considered a fully paid up member of both his/her current province and the CTSASA.  The transfer fee of R2000 is applicable for all transfers taking place during February to December.  With the exception of clause 6.7 below.
    • The member must notify (in writing) his/her existing provincial chairman of his/her intended transfer at the time of submitting his/her application to transfer.
    • Approval by receiving province : before any transfer can take place, the receiving province (i.e. the province to where the member is transferring) must send written confirmation to the CTSASA office that they have accepted the transfer request.
    • The member may represent his/her new province once the relevant approvals have been given and the transfer fee paid where applicable.

6.7  From February to December, at the sole discretion of the CTSASA President, an existing member in good standing (as per the definition in 9.6.3 above) may apply to transfer province due to a physical relocation of permanent residence without the fee as per clause 9.6.2. Each application will be assessed by the President of the CTSASA.  The decision of the President will be final.


Definition of lapsed member : A member whose membership was considered terminated under the CTSASA Constitution (clause 8.2), i.e. no payment for membership subscription was received by the CTSASA office by the 31st March in the subscription year, with no subsequent renewal of membership during that same calendar year.

To download a transfer application form, click HERE