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FITASC Sporting Coaching Program 2018

FITASC Sporting Coaching Program 2018 – download information here

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Club Coaching :  PowerPoint presentations for new members

Club Coaching for Club Members

We have three courses that have been developed to help clubs introduce Clay Target Shooting basics to their members:

  1. Back to Basics Clay Shooting – Introduction to Skeet and Trap : an overview of NSSA Skeet, DTL Trap and ATA Trap.  Includes, discipline rules, basics of how to shoot  each discipline, different methods of shooting and how to see lead and much more.
  2. Back to Basics Clay Shooting – The Shotgun : a detailed and hugely informative course that covers the most important aspects of shotguns, shotgun fit, cartridges (shot sizes, ballistics, recoil, chokes and more), hearing protection, vision (lenses, eye dominance) and more.  Includes how to use the pattern plate.
  3. Back to Basics Clay Shooting – Training Principles :  goal setting, realistic objectives, training direction, how to prepare for competition, budgeting, timescales and more.

 The PowerPoint presentation slides are available from the CTSASA upon request (email : and may be used by CTSASA registered clubs to train their members.

 Below are PDF files of the PowerPoint presentations to give you an idea of what the courses entail.

 These training programs have been provided free of charge and therefore we recommend that clubs only charge an appropriate fee to cover actual costs for staging these training courses.

 We highly recommend that our clubs utilise these courses to help teach new members to enable them to obtain the most from their chosen sport. Members who improve their skills to be the best that they can be will enjoy our sport more and be encouraged to participate in all areas of club activities, as well as provincial and national competitions.

 Acknowledgement: Course developer – James Wood (KZN).

01 Shotgun training_2016_V01 (Training Principles)

02 Shotgun intro_2016_V01 (The Shotgun)

03 Shotgun standards_2016_V01 (Introduction to Skeet and Trap)


South Africa’s ISSF ‘D’ Coaches:

Jace Cilliers (Gauteng North)

Quintus de Flamingh (Gauteng North)

Kobus Liebenberg (Gauteng North)

Colin Mostert (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

Sergio Nunes (Free State)

Coenie Potgieter (Western Cape)

Grant Rawlins (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

Richard Thompson (Central Gauteng)

Sam Tshishonga (Central Gauteng)

Peter van Rhijn (Central Gauteng)

Please contact the CTSASA Executive Officer for more information on the availability of the above D Coaches