International Events and Links

International Events and Links

ICTSF World DTL Trap Championship 2014 - New Zealand

The New Zealand Clay Target Association and the Waikato Clay Target Club wish to advise that entries are now being taken for the above events through the Waikato Clay Target Club (WCTC) web site:

The New Zealand Clay Target Association and the Waikato Clay Target Club aim is that these events will be a memorable occasion, run in an efficient and professional manner. We hope to provide you with an enjoyable and equitable event and provide each competitor the best possible opportunity to compete fairly.

Handicap percentages, or some form of grade verification, will be required to be presented when you first attend the grounds. Confirmation of birth date may also be required for Junior and Veteran categories.

Both events are to be pre-squadded and squads will compete at various times over the events to ensure there is a spread of competition times. Notification of squads will be communicated at least four weeks prior to the event. There will be limited spaces available for entries on the day (subject to conditions) and walk up entries will cut off at 10.00am. For the New Zealand Championships if you have particular people you wish to shoot with please email the club this information ( Shooters must sign the score cards prior to leaving the mark.

The New Zealand Championships will be conducted just prior to the Worlds and a full programme for these events is on the web site. As there is a limitation on the places available please do not delay to committing to participating. You do not have to qualify in any way or be part of any team to enter either the National Championships or the World Championships. All individual entries are welcome regardless of grade (C, B, A, AA, Ladies, Juniors and Veterans) and you will be competing against similar skilled entrants in your relevant grade.

For the New Zealand Championships there is also a Super Veterans Grade for those 70 years and over. For the NZ Championships you can win a category place (Ladies, Juniors, Veterans, Super Veterans) place plus a grade place.

Target presentations for the Worlds will be rechecked after each wave of shooters, ie approximately every two hours to ensure minimal disadvantage through target variation, weather events excepted. For the Worlds squad composition will remain the same through the event. Those who have qualified for National Teams will be squadded together in shooting order as per the notification from the National body.

The New Zealand Clay Target Association and the Waikato Clay Target Club would like to have the opportunity to welcome you to New Zealand.  To enter simply log on to and place the cursor over the 2014 World DTL Championship header to bring up the menu including the entry form. Then follow the simple steps. Should additional information be required you can email or